Personal Care With Purpose

Goodwell Co. was created to offer sustainable alternatives to the plastic oral care products that are sold by the billions every year and go un-recycled, only to end up in landfills. Our mission is to create 100% natural, subscription-based, sustainable products, systems, and technologies that raise environmental awareness and empower people to make choices that help protect and preserve the planet today, while also providing mouths with healthy tools.

Superior Oral Care Technology

Designed for performance, engineered to decompose.

100% Biodegradable 100% Compostable

From start to finish, our products are considered and conscious.

Alternatives to Plastic Oral Care Products

If you're among the millions trying to cut plastic out of your life, our products are made for you.

Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing

Cleaner Teeth and a Cleaner Planet. Now that’s a breath of fresh air!

We are dedicated to leaving a legacy of good, and it starts with creating responsible products to support and empower the future of the planet we share.

Our Subscription Plans

Bamboo Subscription Plan

  • 1 Bamboo+Binchotan Toothbrush
  • 1 Pacific Mint Natural Toothpaste
  • 1 Box Goodfloss

Premium Subscription Plan

  • 1 Premium Toothbrush
  • 1 Pacific Mint Natural Toothpaste
  • 1 Box Goodfloss

Be. Brush Subscription Plan

  • 1 Be. Brush
  • 1 Pacific Mint Natural Toothpaste
  • 1 Box Goodfloss

Why Goodwell?

Goodwell Co. creates responsibly made products that are committed to using natural, renewable and infinitely recyclable materials. We are dedicated to sustainable processes and practices that help enhance and empower the human ritual of personal care through innovation, technology, and impact.

Like Brita for your teeth, the charcoal bristles make your mouth feel like a hazmat team came and mopped it!

Our research confirms that sustainability isn't a nice-to-have for businesses. In fact, it has become an imperative.

(Be. Brush) Is going to be one of those must-have products!

Hybrid sustainable technology at its finest!

Amazing product, my whole family has been using these about a year now and we all can't think of using anything else!

Beautifully designed, affordable, eco-concious and great for oral healthcare. What an incredible product!

It's perfect for travel or everyday use, and gives you all the benefits of clean teeth at not expense to the earth.